Monday, July 7, 2008

How I learnt the RudraBhishek.......

Actually I was waiting for the inner call to write something about rudrabhishek, I guess today is the day.

It all started during Feb-04 when we heard that guruji is coming to ahmedabad for shivratri before that we had done some seva to gather people and also sold some kria passes as always and the day had come when 50+ people went to ahmedabad early morning 5 o’clock for Long kria which was taken by guruji himself and afterwards seva and then rudrapuja started in the evening.

We were bit of thrilled as explained by Guruji, then he took the meditation and it was amazing as always afterwards, truly speaking not much interested in rudrabhishek when it started but as soon as PANCHA GAVYA SNANAM STARTED i was literally amazed by seeing that imagine 1 egg shaped transparent object fully covered by the yellowish brown white kind of something (which is Milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar), looks so nice.

Then started Namakam- chamankam as per Guruji namakam means salt which is present every where like wise seeing Shiv Tatva in everything for example it says I am seeing Shiv in Fisherman and I am bowing to that shiv in that person etc, like wise it consists plenty of other things, then started Chamakam which is asking everything to Lord shiv saying I need good sleep, iron, gold, food almost everything which is available in this universe.

Afterwards when puja was over Gurji dance, I am in AOL since 1999 I have never ever seen guruji dancing like that before. And that was the time where almost everybody started crying and that was the turning point I decided to learn Rudrabhishek.

My father is very much co-operative to me, and then Grace part starts when I started learning naturally my father arranged teacher me who comes on every sat-sun to our place and teaches me Rudrabhishek in Gujarat it is consists of 10 adhyay .8 of Rudrabhieshek + 2 shanti adhyay and it is of 70 pages long but see the grace I had learnt it within 3 months time which is continuous 24 Days only, my teacher was so impressed with me that he said he had taught plenty of students but I was student who learnt it very quickly and what we chant here in ashram is even more simple as it consist of only 2 Adhyay (NaMaKaM-ChMaKam).

Till today I am performing rudrabhishek everyday and those 2 hours of my day is always amazing no matter how I feel that time during the puja is simply amazing.

Thanks to Guruji by whose grace I learnt it..!

Here the best part is everything arranged for me automatically and the learning period was so reduced that till today I am amazed that how did I learnt it…!? It was so without any effort

And during my learning period of it I encounter plenty of concepts attached to rudrabhishek which we will take in some other posts.
Jai Gurudev


vivek said...


Waiting for a this post :)

Jai Gurudev!!

parth said...

Hi vivek i had published post now you can read it..!

soon i will also publish that particular Shivratri video which inspires me to learn and i gurantee you that it is out of this world.....!!!