Friday, July 4, 2008

Present moment

Some time back when i was in Ashram, we were with the course participants......and satsang was just about to begin at that time we told course participants ( of Part-I) and we were just talking to eachother experience at that time one of us just spoke that rain usualy never comes at the time of satsang and now we just dont even bother about it also as it is tasken for granted...;) &....

suddenly rain started and we all have to rush to the VM andVM was jam packed....after some time guruji came and we were just alone with him and vinod has wave hand to them he done the same with us......after 1 second or so , he turned around and looked at me and ask me to be careful as i was about to touch a live wire...and i was certainly not aware of it.....;)
It shows guruji remains in present moment always as he takes care for every one like child to him

Now, the day come, it was 29th June
again we went for satsang on Sunday...again the same situation it was about to rain and it rained also but at this time satsang was going on....

Guruji came at the place of satsang usually in some car but now he came in small car .just running to the amphitheater and it was raining ...even though it was raining when guruji comes everybody forgets everything and keep indulge them selves in satsang ....after some moments guruji looks up at the sky where he just glance for moment or 2, rain stops like some one had switched off the TAP,

It was amazing scene....!

I have always seen that Rain Never Comes at the time of satsang, but i have seen first time that even if rain comes, if guruji wants it to stop.Rain doesn't have anyother option but to STOP.

Jai Gurdev


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