Friday, July 4, 2008

Row to Column Conversion with help of ReportViewer

some time back i was in need for converting row of my data to column as my rows were of Project names of an Organization and Columns where of being a Database person i tried doing it using SQL but after that thought it may increase my server's CPU cycle, so better to handle this scenario with report viewer..... and some how i was able to d it successfully.....

1. Add .rdlc file in your project solution

2. Add .xsd in your App_code folders

3. Drag and drop Matrix report then put your required field into the Matrix Report's column and part and datapart

4. then bind your reportviewer into code behind, this is the tricky part as this will help you having total control of report ...if in future you want to add Dropdown and On DropDown selection you want to show Report, it is easily possible.

Tell me if any clarification is req. cause here you can do many things like, chnage the back color of cell of your report by just providing VB code (of course conditionally and dynamic.......) you can also change Textsize,Italic,Underline etc..conditionaly.... All of the above is possible in the design view of.rdlc file.

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