Thursday, July 3, 2008

DB Mails to Lotus Notes

some days back 1 of our client requested us to setup a functionality where in their organization when ever person will assigned to task, he /she will get the task here the twist was they need the functionality in Lotus notes and they need it in simple table where each and every details should appear like what is his/her task name ,start date,end date ,% complete etc....

so we decided to use database for this assignment, as our task is to sent it to lotus notes first we found out that lotus Note is accepting the HTML or not and we found out that it is taking HTML format and hence we were able to do it....that way..............
otherwise we can also use XML and transform it using XSLT but here it is of no need....

Hope this will help to someone
PS: I am new to SQL, please let me know if i have done any mistake in it.

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